Episode 8 – Transportation


Arriving at our eighth episode strong, we at Moss Street Studios decided to take a step back and wonder, how did we get here? But instead of giving you a stale linear narrative connecting the dots from point A to episode 8, we decided in good Sang Sun fashion to get abstract on yo’ ass. For episode eight, we pay tribute to the many modes of transportation that take us from ‘here’ to ‘there.’ Often taken for granted if not straight up neglected and spat upon (have you seen the 14?), transportation can get a hard rap. But whether you get your move on around this world by foot or double dutch bus, train or scraper bike, airplane or spaceship, roller skate or hover craft, there’s always a way to funkify your spacial travellin’.

If your daily grind ever feels a little too boring, or if the idea of exploring new lands does not seem to get you out of bed, then well, let your mind take you elsewhere. Aisha baptizes it “movementation,” (another word added to the Sanguinetionary), let’s just define it as the art of movement. And what better way to praise movementation than through one of its most celebrated conjurations? Music. Let music into your life and it will teleport you within instants across the seven seas and throughout the depths of time.

So, join us in this episode of Sanguine Sunday on an imaginative odyssey, flowing seamlessly from David Axelrod’s masterful “The Mental Traveler”. Z-Note plays up the theme that nothing takes us spacio-time traveling quite like bumping the memory lane of music, transporting us to the raw feelings of distant places and far off times. We take stops along the journey at essential Hiphop junctures, from the heart of beef with Juice Crew’s “The Bridge is Over” to Quasimoto’s drowsy escape from the cops in “Come on Feet”. Afterwards, our guest of the week, David Snyder, transportation policy director at SPUR (San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association), grounds us in the current state of and hopeful future for transportation in the city. Honey Knucks flips the ground mobility tunes into a provocative dance grind in the spirit of Betty Davis’ nasty seduction, “Walkin’ Up the Rode”. Keepin’ it movin’, two step yourself into the world of Dre’s “Let me Ride” monster back beat, getting sticky with the sub-woofers under the sheets. Finally, we pull up into the local pulse station where Shelmatic suggests some future destinations for sonic voyagin’. Mode of transportation? All yours.

David Axelrod – The Mental Traveler
Talvin Singh – The Traveler

Z-Note [Start 8:58]
Plantlife – Time Traveler
M.C. Shan & Marley Marl – The Bridge
KRS1 – The Bridge is Over
Nas – Memory Lane
Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Take You There
J-Live – Traveling Music
Quasimoto – Come on Feet
Edan – Beauty
Akrobatic – B-Bump
Masta Ace – Born to Roll
Masta Ace – I.N.C. Ride
Bob James – Nautilus
Ghostface Killah ft. Raekwon & Capadonna – Daytona 500
Common – Time Travelin’ (Tribute to Fela Kuti)
DJ Krush – Sonic Traveler (Talk)

DJ Shadow – What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 4) (Talk)

Honey Knuckles [start 49:00]
Bonobo – (Change Down) (Talk)
Quasimoto – Bus Ride
Betty Davis – Walkin up the road
Beastie Boys – Car Thief
Mochipet – Take you down
Dr. Dre – Let me Ride
The Coup – Cars and Shoes
Q Tip – Let’s Ride
DJ Honda & Mos Def – Travellin’ Man Remix
The Notorious B.I.G. – Going back to Cali
Aldo Vanucci – Walk Like a Man
The New Mastersounds – Turn This Thing Around
The Vibrettes – Humpty Dump
De La Soul -A Roller Skating Jam Named “Saturdays”
Instant Funk – I Got My Mind Made Up
Frankie Smith -Double Dutch Bus
Mr. Scruff – Get a Move On

Bonobo – Nocturnary (Talk)


4 responses to “Episode 8 – Transportation

  1. some of those songs reminded me of traveling in my car after school

  2. eyo did you really neglect to include my del / bus song?

  3. sanguinesunday

    i know, i know, wacky transit just didn’t make it this time

  4. Accidentally submitted that last one. Meant to say:

    Great episode! I listened to this while traveling on the bullet train last Saturday. It was the perfect mix to peep while being “transported” from point A to B.

    I was also surprised the “Wacky World of Rapid Transit” wasn’t on there but still dope, nonetheless

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